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Sri Lanka’s First HD Satellite Television Channel “Thinetha TV” commences shortly

Sri Lanka’s First HD Satellite Television Channel “Thinetha TV” commences shortly

Steps have been taken to launch a satellite television channel called “Thinetha TV” with a view to informing the world on economic and social trends achieved by Sri Lanka after the 30-year-long war, targeting the expatriate Sri Lankan Community.

All programs commonly aired in a national level television channel, are expected to be telecast in this channel. Accordingly, programs such as news and current affairs, tele-dramas and musical programs, documentaries, youth and women’s programs, sports and live shows will be telecast. All these programs will be new creations of “Thinetha TV”.

Special attention will be paid to telecast programs as per the International Code of Ethics which will provide the viewers an uninterrupted view devoid of unnecessary unethical commercial breaks.

This will be the first satellite transmitted television channel launched in Sri Lanka, which covers 116 countries around the world. It expects to cover Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australia. The channel, which aims to provide local information to migrant Sri Lankans and to uplift taste, expects to telecast programs in Sinhala, Tamil and English

Further details can be obtained through internet on facebook.com/thinethatv web page.

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