Company Registration in Sri Lanka

Do you know law and process of company registration in Sri Lanka as foreigner? Two directors are minimum required to register a new company in Sri Lanka as law of state. Foreign investors are allowed to register a company as private limited company or register a branch office of parent companies owning full percent shares. Total time to register a company company in Sri Lanka may need 30 days to 60 days. Why foreign entrepreneurs plan to company registration in Sri Lanka? Total expected cost may stand SLR 150,000 to SLR 200,000

Average foreign investment capital is US$ 954,226,581 in Sri Lanka. First job of the entrepreneurs are search the right person or, consultant or expert who can guide step by step within fdi law to company registration in Sri Lanka. To setup LLC company entrepreneurs shall supply some documents and information such as, passport, address, local contact number and personal information of promoters.

New business registration in Sri Lanka

Process of new business registration in Sri Lanka as same as above discussion. Additional information should know the income tax rate, location of business entity as process of new business registration in Sri Lanka. Business registration in free zone areas are preferred by the entrepreneurs to enjoy facilities of the government. General business registration and manufacturing business registration process are not same. BOI of Sri Lanka is the authority of permission of the foreign business in Sri Lanka. Foreign promoters shall follow the rules to avoid any penalty. Income tax filing in time is another important rules and annual return submission to the government is another part as good businessmen.


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